Red Bull brought a new rearview mirror version to its 2018 F1 car RB14, which was clearly inspired by the Ferrari SF71H and its unique open concept rearview mirrors.

Ferrari has been quite innovative in the last two years and it has become increasingly common for rivals to copy them, unlike the opposite as we used to be in the years before that.

Red Bull, Williams and Haas copied their sidepod concept this year and last year Red Bull copied their sidepod winglets in Singapore. This year, they copied their innovative mirrors in Spa.

Ferrari has opened an aerodynamically designed rearview mirror housing to increase the flow and to increase airflow quality to the rear end, even though they are paying the price with a bit higher air resistance.

And Red Bull decided to follow Ferrari’s example from Belgium, so they also brought rear-view mirrors with an open outer casing (purple) with a clearly visible core (yellow).

The Red Bull went a step further and left the housing open on one side where is the L-connection with chassis.

The rearview mirror has another vertical carrier (primarily due to the aerodynamic reasons) that connects the mirror to the bottom horizontal edge of the sidepod openings.

Red Bull RB14 Ferrari like mirrors Belgian GP F1 2018 2 Photo AMuS

Red Bull RB14 Ferrari like mirrors Belgian GP F1 2018 3 Photo AMuS

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