Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari secured the second consecutive front row start for Ferrari in one week after dominant display in China where the Ferrari SF71H was in a league of its own and the best sector times and maximum speeds only confirm their supremacy on all parts of the track.

Raikkonen and Vettel were the fastest in all three sectors with Raikkonen being the fastest in the first two and Vettel in the third.

Verstappen separated the Ferrari and Mercedes drivers with third fastest time in first sector, but in the second and third sectors, the first four places were occupied by Vettel, Raikkonen, Bottas and Hamilton.

Ferrari was about three tenths faster than the Mercedes in the shortest first sector and had a big advantage in the very long corners 1 and 2 while in the second sector Bottas was just eight hundreds of a second slower than Ferraris.

Ferrari was the fastest in the third sector too, but with a tenth of a second ahead of Mercedes and are the only ones who dropped below 40 seconds in this longest sector.

Chinese GP F1 2018 qualifying best sectors

Vettel was the fastest in speed trap near the end of the backstraight and the only one was faster than 330 km/h while Raikkonen was 3.4 km/h slower than his teammate.

Vettel was also the fastest on the starting finish line, which was a direct consequence of the quality of exit from the last corner and the intensity of acceleration that followed behind, while Bottas and Hamilton split Ferrari drivers on that measurement, although top four drivers at this location had a speed within 0.5 km/h.

Vettel was the fastest at the end of the first sector (just after the full throttle fifth corner)  where four Mercedes and Ferrari drivers were in the first four places, within 1.2 km/h, with Hamilton being the slowest.

Bottas broke the Vettel’s dominance and recorded the highest speed at the end of the second sector (before turn 11) where the Mercedes drivers were the fastest, but four drivers of the Mercedes and Ferrari were within 0.9km/h.

Chinese GP F1 2018 qualifying maximum top speeds sectors


Chinese GP F1 2018 track map Photo FIA

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