Honda 2019 F1 engines achieved the best top speeds in first race of the new 2019 F1 season in Australia on all four speed measurements on the Albert Park circuit – let’s look at who was the fastest on which measurement and which were the best sector times in the race.


Australian GP Albert Park F1 2018 circuit map 3 DRS zones


Red Bull drivers Pierre Gasly and Max Verstappen were the fastest on all four speed measurements (first near the end of the main straight, second on the start-finish line, third at the end of the first sector and fourth at the end of the second sector).

The Honda engines took all top 2 places on all four speed measurements in Albert Park (Verstappen was the second fastest in the first measurement and Kvyat in Toro Rosso was second in other three measurement points).

Top speeds are the result of engine power, but also the air resistance of the car (which is again a consequence of the downforce level the team decided to use) so it is not easy to estimate engine power, but for Honda it is certainly encouraging to be on top of these measurements, not on the bottom as in the past years.

Mercedes drivers are roughly in the middle in all measurements and Ferrari is at the bottom of the speed chart at the start-finish line (Leclerc failed to reach 300 km/h).

2019 Australian GP race maximum top speeds sectors Edited by MAXF1net


Bottas has decided to boost his points tally and went for an extra point that this year is awarded to the owner of the fastest lap and in that round he was convincingly the fastest of all drivers.

Bottas was the fastest in all three sectors in the race and Hamilton was the second fastest in the first and third and third fastest in the second sector.

Ferrari was struggling the most in the last, longest sector where they lost more than six tenths compared to Mercedes.

2019 Australian GP race best sector times Edited by MAXF1net

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