Pirelli has decided to bring the C2, C3, and C4 components of their dry weather tyres for the first race of the season in Australia – let’s look at the Albert Park track characteristics from the tyre point of view and Pirelli pressure and camber limits.

For safety reasons, Pirelli sets minimum static tyre pressures that teams have to respect during the whole weekend, and the Italian tyre manufacturer reserves the right to move these limits even during the weekend if they consider that there is a justified reason for that.

For Australia, Pirelli sets minimum starting tyre pressures for front tyres of 1.5525 bar and 1.3455 bar for rear tyres.

Regarding the wheel camber, Pirelli sets a maximum angle of -3.75 degrees for the front and -2.00 degrees for the rear wheels.

2019 F1 Australian GP Pirelli tyre and track data

“Our C2, C3, and C4 hard, medium and soft nominations this year are roughly equivalent to the 2018 medium, soft and ultrasoft compounds.” said Mario Isola from Pirelli.

“This should allow drivers to push hard from the start to the finish of each stint. After a very productive test in Barcelona, we feel satisfied that the 2019 tyre range is on course to meet our objectives of combining performance with durability.”

“Of course, there are still a number of aspects – such as degradation over the length of a stint – that will only be revealed after free practice in Australia.”

“One other important consideration in Australia will be seeing how the new aero rules work, and if this leads to more overtaking – which is difficult to establish during testing.”

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