Alexander Albon set the highest top speed in the race for Toro Rosso Honda for the third race in a row with the new Honda specification for Baku and at the same time achieved the highest top speed in 2019 Formula 1 season.

The top speeds in the race are usually higher than in qualifying because drivers during the race are much more likely to have some slipstream from the car in front, which has a particularly strong impact on the track like the Baku City Circuit with a 2.2 km long full throttle section.

Grosjean set 346.3 km/h in Haas Ferrari and Albon was 8.3 km/h faster in the race for Toro Rosso Honda.

Speeds ​​at the end of the first and second sectors are influenced by the slow corners 6 and 15 exit speeds and it is logical that they are much higher in qualifying as drivers drive their cars with minimal fuel, with the most powerful engine modes and new tyres.


Azerbaijan GP F1 2018 Baku City Circuit track map Photo FIA


2019 Azerbaijan GP race top speeds Data FIA Edited by MAXF1net


2019 Azerbaijan GP race best sector times Data FIA Edited by MAXF1net

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