Alexander Albon has set the highest speed in 2019 Formula 1 championship in his Toro Red STR14 with Honda engine and became the first driver to drive faster than 340 km/h this year.

Albon reached his top speed near the end of the main straight, with the help of DRS and some slipstream of a car in front of him, reaching 340.4 km/h, 1.5 km/h faster than Perez in Racing Point while the third-placed Stroll, also in Racing Point, was already 8.2 km/h down on Albon.

Stroll was 1.6 km/h faster than Perez in qualifying (326.1 km/h  vs 324.6 km/h), which means that Perez got the better slipstream in the race or he set his best top speed while he was lighter on fuel.

Hulkenberg and Ricciardo were fourth and fifth at the same speed measurement with a 0.5 km/h difference between them and the slowest was the Verstappen in Red Bull (not counting Grosjean who retired very early) because almost the entire race had no chance of activating DRS in the main straight or use some slipstream.


Bahrain GP F1 2018 Circuit map new 100m extended DRS zone Photo FIA


2019 Bahrain GP Race Top speeds Data FIA Edited by MAXF1net


2019 Bahrain GP Race Best Sector Times Data FIA Edited by MAXF1net

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