As many as five different cars occupy the top five speed trap positions at Interlagos, within a extremly small margin of just 0.6 km/h, while Mercedes drivers Hamilton and Bottas ranked only 18th and 19th with their speed dropping compared to the finish line.

The main speed trap is 90 meters before the first corner where the cars arrive after the longest period of full throttle starting at the exit from the Turn 12, but after that the cars come up the hill which lasts until the first corner when the cars reach the highest point of the track of 781.9 meters.

Due to the uphill section, the cars do not significantly increase their speed between the finish line and the speed trap and four drivers were slower on the speed trap than on the finish line – Lelcerc (-0.6 km/h), Giovinazzi (-0.3 km/h) , Hamilton (-0.9 km/h) and Bottas (-4.3 km/h).

Air at an altitude of 781.9 meters has 91% density of air at the same temperature at sea level so cars have less downforce but also less air resistance.

The situation is not as extreme as in Mexico, where the air is at only 75% of the air density at sea level and where the cars struggle with grip more than in Monza, although they use maximum downforce settings.

Autódromo José Carlos Pace

Brazilian GP F1 2018 Autodromo Carlos Pace Interlagos track map Photo FIA


2019 Brazilian GP Qualifying speed trap maximum speed Data FIA Edited by MAXF1net


2019 Brazilian GP Race speed trap Data FIA Edited by MAXF1net


The top three teams are within 0.115 s in the first sector, within 0.070 s in the second , and within 0.019 s in the third, which speaks enough of how close their performance levels were in qualifying.

2019 Brazilian GP Qualifying best sector times Data FIA Edited by MAXF1net


2019 Brazilian GP Race best sector times Data FIA Edited by MAXF1net

2019 Brazilian GP F1 2019 start Verstappen leads Hamilton and Vettel Photo Red Bull

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