Lance Stroll drivers and Sergio Perez set the two highest speeds in the 2019 Canadian GP after Sebastian Vettel in Ferrari was the fastest in qualifying while the German was at the bottom of the sheets in the race.

The highest speeds in the race often do not match the highest speeds in qualifying due to different conditions for individual drivers, especially with DRS usage, and Vettel, who was the fastest in 333.3 km/h qualifying, was the fastest 19th in the race with 324.5 km/h.

If there was no early retirement of Norris in McLaren, who did not set a representative speed on the main straight because of the heavy car at the beginning of the race, Vettel would be the slowest of all drivers.

Stroll and Perez Racing Point Canadian GP F1 2019 race Photo Racing Point

The reason is that Vettel has led 63 out of 70 laps and did not use DRS except when he was behind the backmarkers.

In contrast, most drivers in the race achieved higher speeds than in qualifying because of the slipstream behind the opponents and among them are the Racing Points drivers who were the second and eight fastest in the qualifying, while in the race they took the first two places.


2019 Canadian GP F1 2019 top speeds race Data FIA Photo MAXF1net


Valtteri Bottas was in fourth place with a big advantage ahead of Verstappen so he decided to take a new set of soft tyres and set the fastest laps in the race that brought him an extra point.

Bottas was 1.278 seconds faster than Leclerc, who set the second fastest lap, and set up three best sector times on the circuit Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

2019 Canadian GP F1 2019 best sector times race Data FIA Photo MAXF1net

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