Red Bull praised the 2019 F1 Honda engine in the first race of the 2019 F1 season and claims it is the best part of their package since Red Bull’s chassis still lacks some downforce.

Mercedes dominated the Australian GP setting the fastest times in all free practice sessions, qualifying and securing 1-2 victory and fastest race laps, but Red Bull attracted attention in the race as Verstappen managed to overtake Vettel on the track.

Honda engines have set the highest speeds in all four speed measurement points on the Albert Park circuit and Red Bull has confirmed that this is the consequence of using less downforce than the Mercedes and Ferrari because in the past they have to compensate for the lack of power.

Red Bull was eight tenths behind Mercedes in qualifying, but losing most of the time in corners.

“The best part of the package is the Honda engine, we need to improve the chassis,” said Red Bull’s motorsport advisor Helmut Marko.

“We have too little downforce, but it’s the legacy of the philosophy we’ve had in the last five years [with Renault’s engines] when we have to constantly compensate for the lack of power.”

“We have always tried to have as little air resistance as possible, so we did not have any big wings for Melbourne, such wings do not exist even in our imagination.”

“Now is the time for them. We will try to do it as soon as possible. As soon as we finish CFD development and production of new parts.”

Marko says that with the new Honda engine there were no problems from the first laps in Australia except that Gasly did not have a working overtaking button.

“The first race was encouraging,” Marko said.

“There was no problem with the engine from the first practice lap. We wanted to save the maximum energy for the last three laps to try to attack Hamilton, but unfortunately Max was went off the road.”

Racing Point Toro Rosso Red Bull Honda Australian GP F1 2019 race Photo Red Bull

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