Sebastian Vettel says the situation with this year’s Ferrari F1 car SF90 is similar to Rubik’s cube since everything has to be sorted in the right order to get the desired result, but he is convinced that the team has the capacity to turn the situation in the upcoming races.

Ferrari had expected a better form on the streets of Baku than in the previous race in China, which went hand in hand with the aerodynamic characteristics of the Mercedes F1 W10, but due to the number of factors Vettel and Leclerc failed to fulfill the potential demonstrated in free practice sessions and ended behind Bottas and Hamilton in both qualifying and the race.

Vettel finished third and Leclerc finished fifth after starting ninth on medium tyres and won an extra point for the fastest lap of the race, which is the 250th fastest lap for Ferrari in Formula 1.

“That was fun driving today, although not so much in the first stint when I couldn’t get the tyres to work and I didn’t have as much grip as I’d expected,” said Vettel after the race.

“We were not quick and the performance was uneven because I damaged the tyres trying to get them up to temperature and then, once they were there, they didn’t give the performance I’d expected because, they were damaged.”

“After the pit stop I really got a good pace and I had fun because I felt the car was fully under control and I felt free to push, even if it wasn’t enough to put our rivals under pressure.”

2019 Azerbaijan GP start Photo XPB

“At the restart following the Virtual Safety Car, I set my fastest lap and I managed to get the gap to Verstappen to a second. I think that by then he realised he couldn’t attack me and so I was able to drop the pace a bit in the closing laps.”

“Our pace was alright today, but not good enough. The whole team is working to the maximum and so I feel confident. I believe in this team and I know we can improve.”

“We have a good car, but we’re not using it in the way to get the results we should be getting. It’s like a Rubik’s cube where you have to have everything in the right order.”

“We have a lot of clever people in the team who could solve that puzzle in less than two minutes, but in this case the cube is a bit bigger.”

Vettel je ovim trećim mjestom preuzeo treće mjesto u poretku vozača od Verstappena od kojega sada ima bod više, ali i 35 bodova manje od vodećega Bottasa.

Sebastian Vettel Ferrari Azerbaijan GP F1 2019 post race Photo Ferrari

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