Mercedes has brought a major upgrade package for its 2019 F1 W10 car, which includes a new chassis, a new cooling system and new aerodynamic parts while the 125th anniversary of the Mercedes Motorsport will be celebrated with special new livery.

Firstly, the race at the Hockenheimring will be the 200th Formula 1 outing for Mercedes, and secondly, the brand with the three-pointed star is celebrating 125 years of motorsport.

The Mercedes F1 W10 this weekend we will look at a special combination of colors with more white color, which was their original color, before they have to scratch the color to save some weight which gave them that unique silver look that gave them the name ‘silver arrows’ for which they are famous today.

The halo head protection system reminds us on that event with its scratched white – silver appearance.

New chassis for F1 W10

Mercedes has not brought too many visible improvements to its F1 W10 since the Spanish Grand Prix, but in the last few races there have been rumours that they plan to bring a big upgrade package for their second home Grand Prix at Hockenheim.

The  world champions have prepared a new, lighter chassis that has a different lateral safety structure that no longer connects to the vertical aerodynamic element near the sidepod shoulder but ends up bowed upwards (turquoise), connecting with the upper horizontal element.

Mercedes F1 W10 German GP F1 2019 new sidepod edges close Photo AMuS
New side crash structure (turquoise)  is clear sign that Mercedes uses new chassis for Hockenheim (Photo: AMuS)
Mercedes F1 W10 British GP F1 2019 old sidepod edges Photo AMuS
In the old chassis (photo from last race in Silverstone) it is apparent that the side security structure is connected to the adjacent vertical aero element (Photo: Daimler)

New mirror mounts

Mercedes has opted for a trend with open case rearview mirrors and complex mounts that teams use to achieve as much aerodynamic benefits as they can (although a much simpler solution would be needed for the mount function itself).

Mercedes F1 W10 German GP F1 2019 new mirrors Photo AMuS
New mirror mounts and new sidepod crash structure for Hockenheim (Photo: AMuS)

New sidepod deflectors inspired by Haas

For several years, teams have used multiple vertical elements in this area to shape the turbulent airflow from the rotating front wheels, but also helped to shape the airflow coming between the front wheels which is traveling around the sidepods and towards the rear of the car.

Last year, Haas used multiple horizontal slots in this area and Mercedes is now following their path using four curved slots reinforced with metal elements that extend to the double vertical element in front of them.

Mercedes F1 W10 German GP F1 2019 sidepod deflectors bargeboards Photo AMuS

You can see Haas’s solution in this area at the bottom photo from the last race in Silverstone.

Haas VF19 British GP F1 2019 sidepod deflectors Photo Haas Edited by MAXF1net

So far, Mercedes has used three connected vertical elements that were linked to a large vertical element behind them (visible on the photo bellow from the 2019 Austrian GP).

Hamilton Mercedes F1 W10 Austrian GP F1 2019 side view Photo Daimler

A few more photos of the F1 W10 with white nose and cockpit behind the front wheels (all photos are from Auto Motor und Sport).

Mercedes F1 W10 German GP F1 2019 front bulkhead Photo AMuS Mercedes F1 W10 German GP F1 2019 new white livery Photo AMuS Mercedes F1 W10 German GP F1 2019 new sidepod edges Photo AMuS

Mercedes F1 W10 German GP F1 2019 new white livery nose Photo AMuS

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