Carlos Sainz was impressed by constant McLaren handling improvements on their 2019 F1 car MCL34 while the new 2019 F1 Renault engine feels a lot stronger than last year.

Sainz arrived from Renault to McLaren this year so he is in a position to feel the difference in engine power and the Spaniard confirmed that Renault really made a good step forward.

McLaren was the fastest in the last two days of pre-season testing and Sainz described today’s best lap as a “good try” in which he used C4 Pirelli tyres.

Regardless of the positive indications, Sainz wants to stay very calm and very careful in in his predictions before the new F1 season.

“For us, the most important thing is that the car is getting better with every run on the track,” Sainz said.

“Pretty much everything has been improved. Balance the car has become better in recent days and this has allowed us to extract a little more out of it.”

“That means the team is doing good job and understanding underlying balance issues and correcting them little by little.”

“But ahead of us is a long season and we have big areas of improvement where we want to keep working.”

“We’re still not where we want to be and we have to keep working hard.”

2019 F1 Renault engine ‘a good step’ forward

For two months everyone has been talking about the new 2019 Renault engine which is supposed to make the biggest leap in power in the hybrid turbo era that started in 2014 and Sainz’s comments after going in that direction.

“It seems like a good step. Until anyone turns up the engines in Australia and we see the top speeds it’s going to be very difficult to find out how good the step is or if the others have made a step as big as we’ve done.

“But my first thought was we have made a good step, feel it, feel a good step on the engine and it is going in the right direction.”

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