The very fast Spa Francorchamps has revealed a dramatic drop in the power levels of Ferrari F1 power unit compared to its rivals from Mercedes, Honda and Renault, and the Ferrari is the only team to set a slower time than last year.

The table bellow shows the best times from 2019 Belgian GP (Q1, Q2 or Q3) and the best times from 2020 – two teams improved dramatically in about four seconds – Williams and Toro Rosso Honda – which recorded a very weak performances last season.

This season Williams has made significant progress in terms of chassis, which was arguably the weakest last year, and Toro Rosso has taken a similar step thanks to the use of a large number of parts from his sister team Red Bull.

Five teams gained about two seconds per lap thanks to improvements to the chassis and engine – McLaren, Racing Point, Renault and Mercedes – despite posting a very good performances on this track last year.

But the three teams with Ferrari engines stand out as they have shown the least progress or in the case of Ferrari they haven’t improved at all.

Haas managed to gain nine tenths, Alfa Romeo gained four tenths while Ferrari was almost half a second slower than last year.

The difference compared to other manufacturers is more than clear, but Ferrari’s situation is even worse than with Haas and Alfa due to their SF1000 chassis which creates much higher air resistance than last year, which on a track like Spa is brutaly exposed due to the first and third sectors which are almost completely flat out.


Team Engine Best time 2019 Best time 2020 Diff.
1 Mercedes Mercedes 1:43.282 1:41.252 -2.030
2 Red Bull Honda 1:43.690 1:41.778 -1.912
3 Renault Renault 1:44.103 1:42.061 -2.042
4 McLaren Renault 1:44.847 1:42.438 -2.409
5 Racing Point Mercedes 1:44.706 1:42.491 -2.215
6 AlphaTauri Honda 1:46.518 1:42.730 -3.788
7 Ferrari Ferrari 1:42.519 1:42.996 +0.477
8 Williams Mercedes 1:47.548 1:43.468 -4.080
9 Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1:44.140 1:43.743 -0.397
10 Haas Ferrari 1:44.738 1:43.838 -0.900


Team Engine Best time 2019 Best time 2020 Diff.
1 Williams Mercedes 1:47.548 1:43.468 -4.080
2 AlphaTauri Honda 1:46.518 1:42.730 -3.788
3 McLaren Renault 1:44.847 1:42.438 -2.409
4 Racing Point Mercedes 1:44.706 1:42.491 -2.215
5 Renault Renault 1:44.103 1:42.061 -2.042
6 Mercedes Mercedes 1:43.282 1:41.252 -2.030
7 Red Bull Honda 1:43.690 1:41.778 -1.912
8 Haas Ferrari 1:44.738 1:43.838 -0.900
9 Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1:44.140 1:43.743 -0.397
10 Ferrari Ferrari 1:42.519 1:42.996 +0.477

2020 Belgian GP Leclerc leads Vettel Photo Ferrari

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