Bahrain GP, Bahrain International Circuit, 22 March, 2020

Bahrain GP F1 2018 Circuit map new 100m extended DRS zone Photo FIA

Races 15 (2004 – 2010, 2012 – 2019)
Laps 57
Circuit lenght 5412 m
Race distance 308.238 km
Fastest race lap 1:31.447 (Pedro de la Rosa, McLaren MP4-20, 2005)
Record lap 1:27.866 (Charles Leclerc, Ferrari SF90, Q3, 2019)
Results 2014. 2015. 2016. 2017. 2018. 2019.

STATS (after 2019)

Wins Sebastian Vettel (4) Ferrari (6) Ferrari (6)
Pole positions Sebastian Vettel (3) Mercedes and Ferrari (5) Mercedes and Ferrari (5)
Fastest laps Nico Rosberg (3) Ferrari (5) Mercedes (6)
Podium places Raikkonen i Hamilton (8) Ferrari (14) Mercedes (18)
Front row Hamilton and Vettel (6) Ferrari (13) Ferrari (13)
Races led Vettel and Hamilton (7) Ferrari (10) Mercedes (11)
Kilometers led Sebastian Vettel (1311) Ferrari (1875) Ferrari (1875)
Points Lewis Hamilton (165) Ferrari (273) Mercedes (465)


1st free practice Fri 14:00
2nd free practice Fri 18:00
3rd free practice Sat 15:00
Qualifying Sat 18:00
Race Sun 18:10
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NOTE: Lap records, circuit lenght, number of laps and race distance refer to latest track configuration, other stats refer to all Bahrain GPs.

Recent results

Year Winner Pole position Fastest lap
2019 Lewis Hamilton Charles Leclerc Charles Leclerc
2018 Sebastian Vettel Sebastian Vettel Valtterri Bottas
2017 Sebastian Vettel Valtteri Bottas Lewis Hamilton
2016 Nico Rosberg Lewis Hamilton Nico Rosberg
2015 Lewis Hamilton Lewis Hamilton Kimi Räikkönen

bahrain gp 2004 f1 startBAHRAIN GP HISTORY IN PICTURES

Start of the 2004 Bahrain GP – Michael Schumacher leads his team mate Rubens Barrichello (4.4.2004.) Foto: f1fanatic

Bahrain GP F1 2005 first lap Foto F1fansite
2005 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix – Alonso leads Schumacher in new F2005 who retired in early part of the race, leaving Spaniard unchallenged (Photo: Michael Cooper/LAT Photographic)
Fernando Alonso (Renault) and Michael Schumacher (Ferrari) battling for the lead in the 2006 Bahrain GP (Photo: Diariomotor)
Bahrain GP F1 2009 start of the race Foto F1Fanatic
Toyota secured their first fron row with Trulli and Glock, but it was Button who won from the fourth position (Photo: F1fanatic)
alonso massa bahrain 2010 ferrari podium
Fernando Alonso won his first race for Ferrari in front of his new team mate Felipe Massa (14.3.2010.) (Photo: Ferrari)
vettel raikkonen grosjean bahrain 2012 podium
De ja vu – Sebastian Vettel in Red Bull won in 2012. in front of Lotus drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean, just like in 2013. (22.4.2012.) Foto: Red Bull
hamilton rosberg bahrain f1 2014 wheel to wheel Photo Daimler
Hamilton and Rosberg battle for the lead in the 2014 Bahrain GP – British driver came out on top after few wheel to wheel moments (Photo: Daimler)
bahrain-f1-2015-start of the race
Hamilton leads the 2015 Bahrain GP – he latter won the race despite brake problems, fending off surging Raikkonen
Start of the Bahrain GP F1 2016
Rosberg led after Hamilton had bad start and got his rear tyre punctured by late braking Bottas (Photo: Daimler)
bahrain gp f1 2017 top three foto xpb
Vettel and Ferrari managed to beat both Mercedes drivers who secured front row on saturday, fifth year in a row (Photo: Daimler)
Vettel leads Raikkonen Bahrain GP F1 2018 Photo Ferrari
Vettel leads Raikkonen in 2018 Bahrain GP – Vettel won while Raikkonen retired after botched pitstop (Photo: Ferrari)
Charles Leclerc leads Sebastian Vettel Ferrari Bahrain GP F1 2019 race Photo Ferrari
Charles Leclerc leads Sebastian Vettel at 2019 Bahrain GP (Photo: Ferrari)