The FIA ​​and Formula 1 have added another DRS zone for the third race of the season in Portugal after only one DRS zone was used on that track last year at the start and finish line while the introduction of a second DRS zone should result in more overtaking.

The new DRS zone, which is labeled as first DRS zone this year, starts 180 meters behind the turn 4 and lasts until the braking zone for the slowest turn on the track, left turn 5 in which drivers have to reduce their speed below 80 km/h in third gear.

This DRS zone is significantly shorter than the one on the start-finish straight and its length is about 260 meters, while the main DRS zone on the start-finish line is about 700 meters long.

The detection point for the first DRS zone is located on a short stretch between the turns 3 and 4.

The second DRS zone, which drivers had at their disposal last year, starts 245 meters behind turn 15, 120 meters later than last year, and the detection point for the second zone is 65 meters after the start of turn 15.

The new DRS zone will add some speed on the short straight after turn 4 in qualifying where drivers are allowed to use DRS indefinitely in marked zones while in the race it should help overtake before the slow turn 5 which has so far been one of the two best chances to overtake, along with turn 1.

The speed trap is located 210 meters before the turn 1 and last year the cars reached around 315 km/h in qualifying. Except at that point, speeds will traditionally be measured at the end of each sector – 270 meters before turn 5, 80 meters after turn 11 and at the start finish line.


2021 Portuguese GP Algarve International Circuit map DRS zones speed trap Photo FIA Edited by MAXF1net
Photo: FIA / Edited by: MAXF1net
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