Before the start of the first F1 weekend in Qatar, the FIA announced that it will control the track limits in as many as five corners in which drivers will have their laptimes deleted in free practice and qualifying.

Track limits is one of the topics that pops up from weekend to weekend, especially on modern circuits with large run-off areas and flat kerbs and the Losail International Circuit in Qatar is definitely one of those.

Therefore, on the eve of the beginning of the 20th weekend of this season, the FIA issued a statement in which, among other things, they explain in which corners they will monitor track limits.

These are turns number 4, 12, 13, 14 and 16 – most of them are fast corners, except for Turns 4 and 16, and in all five cases FIA will monitor corner exits.

Turn number 4 is in the first sector and it is a right hand corner, followed 100 meters later by a very similar Turn 5, and drivers will look to test the limits at the exit of Turn 4 to improve their entry into the Turn 5.

2021 Qatar GP Verstappen walks the track Thursday Photo Red Bull
Verstappen walsk the Losail International Circuit, 2021 Qatar GP, Thursday (Photo: Red Bull)

The next three corners in which the FIA will control the track limits are fast Turns 12, 13 and 14 which almost form one looping, super fast corner, reminiscent of the Istanbul Turn 8, because drivers in these corners could also benefit from a wide exit as the turns are connected and wider exit from one corners offers a better trajectory for the next one.

The last turn in which the FIA will control the exit is Turn 16 which leads to about 1 km long start-finish straight, and the wide exit, due to a fairly flat kerb, offers drivers a flatter steering position at the exit and better acceleration to the main straight.

Any rules breach in the aforementioned five corners erases the drivers’ laptime, but a wide exit at the Turn 16 also deletes the laptime in the next lap because its offers a better exit speed to the main straight which gives an advantage in the next lap as well.

2021 Qatar GP Pirelli Losail International Circuit track map Photo FIA edited by MAXF1net
Photo: FIA / Edited by:
2021 Qatar GP General view of the track Losail International Circuit Thursday Photo Red Bull
2021 Qatar GP, Thursday (Photo: Red Bull)
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