The F1 track in Melbourne will become faster this year thanks to the faster configuration of turns 9 and 10 and the changes also include a wider pitlane and a change in camber angle in the Turn 13 which could become a key action point in the race.

Albert Park has hosted Formula 1 since 1996 and the track has not yet undergone any configuration changes or received new asphalt, but that will change from this year’s race which has been moved to the 19th-21st November due to the pandemic.

The changes include a two meters wider pitlane which should allow increasing the pitlane maximum speed from 60 to 80 km/h.

As for the changes in the track configuration, the slow chicane made up of Turns 9 and 10 will be changed to the fast variant that already exists on the track (picture below) while Turn number 13 should get more camber.

2019 Australian GP Verstappen Red Bull Turn 9 and 10 Photo Red Bull
Drivers will use faster version of Turn 9 and 10 from 2021 (Photo: Red Bull)

Currently, Turn 13 is tilted outwards by 2 degrees, and after the changes it should be tilted inwards by 5 degrees which should make it easier for drivers to use more lines through that bend. This should be helped by the greater width of the track in that corner.

The track will also get new asphalt that will be more abrasive than the current one, but that change will be done after the race in November.


Australian GP Albert Park F1 2018 circuit map 3 DRS zones

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