Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso will not be able to wear a helmet for days or weeks due to upper jaw surgery, but he will very soon be able to continue with moderate physical activity and return to preparations for the new F1 season.

Alonso suffered a cracked upper jaw in the cycling accident and damaged several teeth, but doctors believe he will be able to return to moderate physical activity very soon.

Dr. Federico Hernandez Alfaro from the University of Barcelona believes that such injuries can heal very quickly, but that patients must show discipline.

“A return to normal life shouldn’t take too long, three to four weeks,” Hernandez Alfaro believes.

“Such injuries often come with inflammation of the face so it’s impossible to wear a helmet for days or weeks. In addition, professional sports activity can be resumed relatively quickly.”

Hernandez Alfaro says that intense activity should be avoided in the first few days after the operation, but he recommends that the person move and exercise lightly.

“With such injuries, physical activity is helpful for recovery,” he said.

2020 Bahrain test Alonso Renault RS18 6th November 2020 helmet close pitlane Photo Renault

Dr. Fernando Almeida Parra from the Spanish Maxillofacial Injuries Association says the recovery time is usually between ten and 14 days.

“But it always depends on the intensity of the injury, the recovery time varies significantly from case to case.”

“It is important to maintain strict oral hygiene, the mouth must not be contaminated with food leftovers.”

Alpine has not yet announced the launch date of the new F1 car for 2021, but Alonso should have enough time to recover until the start of pre-season testing on March 12.

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