For the first time since the 2018 Austrian Grand Prix, Mercedes did not score points in the race, interrupting the currently longest active series in Formula 1, but this series is only the fourth longest in the history of Formula 1 – the longest held by Ferrari in the era of Red Bull domination.

Thanks to Hamilton’s mistake at the restart of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan and the disastrous race for Bottas, which was overtaken by both Alfa Romeo drivers, Mercedes was left without points for the first time after 55 races. The series lasted from the Grand Prix of Great Britain 2018 to the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan 2021.

Mercedes shares fourth place with Ferrari, which also won 55 races from the 1999 Malaysian GP to the 2003 Malaysian GP, although it should be noted that in 1999-2002 only the top six drivers won points, while in 2003 the top eight drivers won points so this series was even harder to maintain than today when the top ten drivers win points (this system is in effect since 2010).

The record is held by Ferrari, which has won at least one point in a race in 81 races in a row – the series began at the 2010 German Grand Prix when Alonso controversially celebrated ahead of Massa who had to miss it, and ended at the 2014 Singapore Grand Prix when Alonso and Raikkonen finished fourth and eighth.

In the next race in Japan, where Hamilton celebrated ahead of Rosberg, Raikkonen finished only 12th while Alonso retired already in the third lap due to electrical problem when he was fifth.

Japan was the only race in 2014 in which Ferrari scored no points, in 2015 they also failed to score in just one race (Mexico) while in 2016 they won at least one point in all races.

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari F14 T, 2014 Singapore GP (Photo: Ferrari)

The second longest winning streak holds McLaren, also in an era while the top ten drivers have won points (since 2010), and it is a series that started in the first race of the 2010 season in Bahrain and ended in 2013 in Monaco. Perez and Button finished 11th and 12th in the next race in Canada and McLaren was left without points in the next race at Silverstone, while they won at least one point in all other races in 2013.

The third longest run in this category is held by Mercedes, which won at least one point in 62 consecutive races from the 2012 Grand Prix of Brazil to the 2016 Grand Prix of Russia, and the series was interrupted at the Spanish Grand Prix when Hamilton and Rosberg collided in the first lap. It was the only race in 2016 in which Mercedes was left without points, and the next one was the Austrian Grand Prix in 2018, after which the Mercedes series was interrupted in Baku this year.

Hamilton also ended his point streak

The current world champion holds the record of 54 consecutive starts in which he won points and which started at the 2018 British Grand Prix, as well as the aforementioned Mercedes series, but Hamilton did not perform at the 2020 Sakhira Grand Prix due to a positive result at COVID-19. a series of points scored was halted at 48 consecutive races, an all-time record.

The second longest series of races in points is also held by Hamilton (33 races, from the Grand Prix of Japan in 2016 to the Grand Prix of France in 2018), and the third is Raikkonen with 27 consecutive races in points (from the Grand Prix of Bahrain in 2012 to the Grand Prix of Hungary in 2013). His streak was halted n Belgium, otherwise Raikkonen’s most successful track on which the Finn retired due to brake problems).

Mercedes without a podium for a two races in a row for the first time since 2013

The two bad races for Mercedes in Monaco and Azerbaijan, in which they scored only seven points, are also two consecutive races in which they were left without a podium – this happened to them for the first time in the hybrid turbo era that began in 2014, and the last time to were two races in a row without a podium happened on the last two races of 2013 in the USA and Brazil.

No points for Hamilton, Bottas and Verstappen – first time since 2013

A chaotic race in Baku, in which Verstappen retired due to a tyre puncture, Hamilton ran out of points after a big mistake and Bottas had an incredibly bad race, led to a situation where none of the three mentioned drivers scored a single point.

The last time this happened was at the 2013 Japanese Grand Prix- Hamilton retired for Mercedes, Bottas finished 17th for Williams and Verstappen had not yet driven in Formula 1 (debuted in 2015).

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