On this day in 1992, the second Spanish GP in Catalunya was held on a new course near Barcelona that was built ahead of the 1992 Olympic Games, and Nigel Mansell in Williams continued his winning streak from the start of the season.

The Circuit de Catalunya was built in 1991 and hosted Spanish GP year, and its construction coincides with the upcoming 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. The track served as the beginning and the end of the bicycle race.

The 1992 race marked the first front row start for Michael Schumacher (a total of 116 in career) and Nigel Mansell scored the 25th victory and 50th podium in his career. Thas year, Spanish GP was also promoted as the Grand Prix of the Olympic Games.

1992 Spanish GP was the fourth race of the season and Mansell won the pole position for the fourth time in a row, with more than a second advantage ahead of Schumacher and Senna and 1.3 seconds ahead of his teammate Patrese.

Williams had dominant car that year, the FW14B, which had the best active suspension, the aerodynamics signed by Adrian Newey and the powerful Renault V10 engine.

Damon Hill recorded his first appearance at Formula 1, but he did not qualify for the race because he finished 30th fastest in Brabham Judd as he was slowest of all drivers with 7.573 seconds behind Mansell.

Spanish GP F1 1992 Alesi leads Schumacher Senna Berger
Alesi led Schumacher and both McLarens, but finished third in the end (Photo: Williams)

At the start of the race, in damp conditions, Patrese passed Schumacher and Senna and came to second place behind Mansell while Senna dropped to seventh place even though he bounced back to fifth at the end of the first lap. The Ferrari driver Alesi was brilliant and stormed to third place from eighth on the grid.

In his first full F1 season, Schumacher overtook Alesi for third place in the lap seven but when Berger tried the same, he spun the Italian. When the rain intensified, Patrese spun in the lap 20 and left second place to Schumacher in front of Senna, Berger, Capelli and Alesi.

Alesi picked up new tyres near the half of the race and began to storm through the field – first he passed Berger for fourth place and then began to catch up with Senna and Schumacher. But Senna spun two laps before the end while trying to lap Martini for the lap and finished ninth.

Mansell won with 23.9 seconds ahead of Schumacher (Benetton Ford) and 26.4 seconds ahead of Alesi (Ferrari) and the remaining points were won by Berger (McLaren Honda), Alboreto (Footwork Mugen Honda) and Martini (Dallara Ferrari).


15Nigel MansellWilliams/Renault1:20.190
31Ayrton SennaMcLaren/Honda1:21.2091.019
46Riccardo PatreseWilliams/Renault1:21.5341.344
528Ivan CapelliFerrari1:22.4132.223
620Martin BrundleBenetton/Ford1:22.5292.339
72Gerhard BergerMcLaren/Honda1:22.7112.521
827Jean AlesiFerrari1:22.7462.556
916Karl WendlingerMarch/Ilmor1:23.1212.931
1026Érik ComasLigier/Renault1:23.5933.403
114A.de CesarisTyrrell/Ilmor1:23.7233.533
1221J J LehtoDallara/Ferrari1:24.0543.864
1425Thierry BoutsenLigier/Renault1:24.5834.393
169Michele AlboretoFootwork/Mugen-Honda1:24.6344.444
1910Aguri SuzukiFootwork/Mugen-Honda1:24.9404.750
2014Andrea ChiesaFondmetal/Ford1:24.9634.773
2111Mika HäkkinenLotus/Ford1:25.2025.012
2317Paul BelmondoMarch/Ilmor1:25.4675.277
2429Bertrand GachotVenturi/Lamborghini1:25.7005.510
2612Johnny HerbertLotus/Ford1:25.7865.596


15Nigel MansellWilliams/Renault651:56:10.674 
327Jean AlesiFerrari651:56:37.13626.462
42Gerhard BergerMcLaren/Honda651:57:31.3211:20.647
59Michele AlboretoFootwork/Mugen-Honda641:57:52.4481 lap
622P.MartiniDallara/Ferrari631:56:55.3102 laps
710Aguri SuzukiFootwork/Mugen-Honda631:57:15.0052 laps
816Karl WendlingerMarch/Ilmor631:57:47.9012 laps
91Ayrton SennaMcLaren/Honda621:50:55.939Spun off
1028Ivan CapelliFerrari621:52:56.459Spun off
1123C.FittipaldiMinardi/Lamborghini611:56:36.9054 laps
1217Paul BelmondoMarch/Ilmor611:57:16.6454 laps
(8)21J J LehtoDallara/Ferrari561:42:39.305Spun off
(10)15G.TarquiniFondmetal/Ford561:43:16.472Spun off
(12)11Mika HäkkinenLotus/Ford561:43:49.806Spun off
(13)26Érik ComasLigier/Renault551:42:33.817Spun off
(11)29Bertrand GachotVenturi/Lamborghini351:04:29.073Engine
(7)3O.GrouillardTyrrell/Ilmor3055:14.281Spun off
(15)33M.GugelminJordan/Yamaha2444:28.931Spun off
(20)14Andrea ChiesaFondmetal/Ford2243:10.637Spun off
(2)6Riccardo PatreseWilliams/Renault1933:32.024Spun off
(17)12Johnny HerbertLotus/Ford1324:21.465Spun off
(24)25Thierry BoutsenLigier/Renault1125:51.597Engine
(9)20Martin BrundleBenetton/Ford47:39.343Spun off
(25)4A.de CesarisTyrrell/Ilmor24:29.589Engine

Fastest lap: Nigel Mansell – 1:42.503 (lap 10)


1Nigel Mansell40  10101010
2Riccardo Patrese18  666
3Michael Schumacher17  3446
4Gerhard Berger8  233
5Jean Alesi7  34
6Ayrton Senna4  4
7Michele Alboreto3  12
8Andrea de Cesaris2  2
8Ivan Capelli2  2
10Johnny Herbert1  1
10Mika Häkkinen1  1
10Pierluigi Martini1  1


1Williams/Renault58  16161610
2Benetton/Ford17  3446
3McLaren/Honda12  633
4Ferrari9  54
5Footwork/Mugen-Honda3  12
6Tyrrell/Ilmor2  2
7Lotus/Ford2  11
8Dallara/Ferrari1  1
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