Big aerodynamic push from Force India in Bahrain

Force India didn’t wait for european races to bring its new aerodynamic package – VJM10 got new front wing, bargeboards and diffuser among other things to improve aero efficiency on fast Bahrain International Circuit.

New VJM10 was pretty fast and reliable in first two races, but Toro Rosso, Haas and Renault were very close so each tenth counts, especially in qualifying.

Front wing

Force India VJM10 front wing comparison Foto Force India MAXF1net

Under chassis vanes

Force India VJM10 under chassis vanes Foto AMuS MAXF1net


Area behind the front wheels

Force India VJM10 bargeboards Foto AMuS MAXF1net


Force India VJM10 bargeboards inner Foto AMuS MAXF1net


Force India VJM10 cockpit sidepod opening Foto AMuS MAXF1net


Force India VJM10 diffuser Foto Force India MAXF1net


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