Ross Brawn once again analyzed the similarities between the two most successful drivers in Formula One history and explained why Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher are so similar, but also why it is so difficult to compare them.

Last year, Hamilton got just one title shy from Schumacher’s record with his sixth championship title and while he surpassed him in 2017 in terms of pole positions, he can overtake him in the number of wins and podium this year.

Formula One sporting director Ross Brawn has worked with both drivers and says they are both extremely talented and what they have in common is that they can get out of the car what none of them expects.

“They are both extremely talented at what they do while in the car,” Brawn said.

“In those moments, they pull something out of nowhere”

“Some qualifying laps that Lewis has done left the [Mercedes] team speechless.”

“Michael was just like that, there are sometimes just those drivers who can do that.”

‘Lewis deserves every championship he has won’

Brawn points out that Hamilton deserved every title he won, even though he won five titles in the dominant Mercedes car in the hybrid turbo era, while winning the first championship in 2008 with McLaren in a fierce fight against Massa in Ferrari.

“Lewis deserved it,” Brawn said.

“He deserved every title he has won. He came to the right team at the right time and is at the peak of his performance. He is not making mistakes and he is a fantastic driver, his performances are exceptional.”

Difficult to compare Hamilton and Schumacher

Although both are the best drivers of their generation, Brawn says they are difficult to compare because of the different eras and the great advances in technology.

“They were different cars, different eras, different competitions,” Brawn said.

“Lewis is incredibly professional, determined and dedicated, but Michael has been very intense when it comes to car details, which Lewis doesn’t need to that extent.”

“Michael was driving in an era where there wasn’t the technology there is now. Data analysis was pretty crude. Now the driver gets out of the car and the engineer has an analysis of the car’s behavior at every corner.”

“When I first started working with Michael [in the early 1990s in Benetton] we had a sheet of paper with the corner numbers and he had to explain where he had understeer or oversteer and then we would analyze that.”

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