Fourteen of the twenty drivers in Formula 1 2024 have contracts for that year alone ahead of a very turbulent period in which several drivers could change teams, and the current world champion Max Verstappen currently has the longest contract that guarantees him a place at Red Bull for another five years.

Ahead of the new 2024 F1 season there are no driver changes so all twenty drivers will drive for the same teams despite Alfa Romeo’s name change to Sauber following the expiration of the sponsorship contract that has been in place since 2018 and the change of AlphaTauri’s name to a still unconfirmed name.

But for now, only six drivers can focus only on the driving ahead of the new season knowing that they have settled the question of which team they will drive for in 2025.

Three-time champion Verstappen, who had an incredibly successful 2023, has the least worries about his future, which ties him to Red Bull until the end of 2028.

During his great debut season in Formula 1, Piastri signed a new contract with McLaren, which guarantees him a place in the team for another three years, i.e. until the end of 2026.

Mercedes drivers Hamilton and Russell both have contracts that tie them to Mercedes until the end of 2025, which they signed at the end of August this year, as well as Norris at McLaren, whose contract is a year shorter than of his team mate.

Intrateam battle between Norris and Piastri could be very interesting if Piastri keeps up his steep develompent in his second F1 season (2023 Japanese GP, Photo: McLaren)

Bottas is the only remaining driver who has a contract for 2025, as he remains in the Sauber team for at least two more years, and it is not yet known whether he will continue there in 2026, when the team will officially become Audi.

The other 14 drivers will try to resolve their F1 future as soon as possible, and the situation with Stroll is special since his contract is extended from season to season.

The signing of some contracts will certainly depend on the form of individual teams and drivers at the beginning of the season, and some are just a matter of formality and agreement on details.

Perez spent 2023 in the thick shadow of his teammate and will certainly have to reduce the time and points gap behind him in order for Red Bull to extend his contract for 2025, and in case he fails, Ricciardo and Tsunoda, as well as Lawson, are waiting for their chance.

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz, who will start his fourth season in Maranello in 2024, says that he would like to resolve the issue of his future before the start of the new season and that his priority is to stay with the team.

On the other hand, Ferrari’s F1 boss Frederic Vassuer said at the Christmas gathering that there is ‘quite enough weeks and months’ to resolve the matter of drivers’ contracts.

The original plan was to resolve the driver contracts before the end of the 2023 calendar year, but Vasseur confirmed that they are behind schedule and will announce a decision ‘soon’.

Sainz wants his F1 future sorted out before 2024 F1 season start (2023 Las Vegas GP, Photo: Ferrari)

Alonso has repeatedly stated that he believes in the long-term project of Aston Martin and the continuation of cooperation for 2025 should not be questioned, and as for Stroll, it is difficult to predict his future due to specific circumstances.

Gasly and Ocon continue to fight for supremacy within Alpine, in which Gasly made a slightly better impression in qualifying and Ocon in the race, and are probably the main candidates to keep their places after 2024.

Williams will be desperate to keep Albon, who objectively has the quality to drive for the better teams, and Sargeant will have to show more and do it much more often than in his first season if he is to keep his place in Formula 1.

Zhou has done a solid job in his first two seasons in Formula 1, but the question is whether it will be enough to keep his place in the team as the new F2 champion, Sauber academy member Theo Pourchaire, will be waiting for his chance for 2025.

Frenchmen will drive in the Japanese Super Formula in 2024 and prepare for Formula 1 as a test and reserve driver, following the example of Piastri, F2 champion from 2021.

CURRENT F1 DRIVERS’ CONTRACTS (until the end of that year)

1Red BullVerstappen (2028) / Perez (2024)
2MercedesHamilton (2025) / Russell (2025)
3FerrariLeclerc (2024) / Sainz (2024)
4McLarenNorris (2025) / Piastri (2026)
5Aston MartinAlonso (2024) / Stroll (2024+)
6AlpineGasly (2024) / Ocon (2024)
7WilliamsSargeant (2024) / Albon (2024)
8AlphaTauriRicciardo (2024) / Tsunoda (2024)
9SauberZhou (2024) / Bottas (2025)
10HaasHulkenberg (2024) / Magnussen (2024)
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