Chinese GP promoters are also seeking a postponement of this year’s F1 race due to the coronavirus situation in that country after the postponement of Australia’s first race of the season is almost certain.

The coronavirus pandemic last year rocked the F1 calendar which eventually had an acceptable number of 17 races, but only thanks to double races in some locations and the introduction of some old or completely new tracks.

But this year’s calendar will not be immune to unplanned changes, as confirmed by the events surrounding the first race of the season in Australia, which will almost certainly be postponed.

Chinese GP promoters are also seeking a postponement for some of the later dates, which they confirmed at today’s press conference, Autosport reports.

“We are in contact with Formula 1 through conference calls almost every week,” said Yibin Yang, general manager of the Juss Event race promoters.

“Despite the calendar being put together, I think it’s extremely uncertain that the race will take place in the first part of the year, in April.”

“Our goal is to replace that date with some date in the second part of the year and we have officially submitted a request that we hope will move it to a later date.”

The Vietnam Grand Prix was scheduled to take place on April 25, but the race was canceled for this season while a potential postponement of the Chinese Grand Prix would open another date in the April.

The date of the Vietnam GP should be taken by the race in Imola, which returned to the F1 calendar in 2020 after 2006, while the original term of the Chinese GP (April 11) should be taken by the race in Portimao, which debuted in the 2020 F1 calendar.


1 Australia 21 Mar
2 Bahrain 28 Mar
3 China 11 Apr
4 ? 25 Apr
5 Spain 9 May
6 Monaco 23 May
7 Azerbaijan 6 Jun
8 Canada 13 Jun
9 France 27 Jun
10 Austria 4 Jul
11 Great Britain 18 Jul
12 Hungary 1 Aug
13 Belgium 29 Aug
14 Netherlands 5 Sep
15 Italy 12 Sep
16 Russia 26 Sep
17 Singapore 3 Oct
18 Japan 10 Oct
19 USA 24 Oct
20 Mexico 31 Oct
21 Brazil 14 Nov
22 Saudi Arabia 28 Nov
23 Abu Dhabi 5 Dec
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