The second free practice for the Chinese Grand Prix was canceled due to bad weather conditions that twice interrupted the first free practice.

The wet conditions at the track were not a problem for the cars, but poor visibility meant that it was not safe for the medical helicopter to land near the hospital in case of accident.

FIA Racing Director Charlie Whiting said that the helicopter could not land it at the hospital in Shanghai.

“The helicopter could not land at the hospital which is located 38 kilometers from the track.”

“Here the conditions look fine and helicopters can fly here without problems, but cannot land at a hospital in Shanghai.”

Distance to the hospital is 38 kms which means that the possibility of traveling by road is not an option because the FIA ​​stipulates that the maximum time of arrival to the hospital 20 minutes.

This is the first time since the US Grand Prix in 2015 in Austin, that the entire free practice was canceled while at the same race were qualifying was postponed too and held on the race day.

At the first training the drivers lapped a total of just 88 laps.

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