Pedro de la Rosa believes Fernando Alonso’s return is positive for Formula One and believes the two-time world champion can win the third title he has been trying to win since 2007.

Alonso became the youngest world champion in the history of Formula 1 in 2005 and thus set a new record that was later broken by Hamilton (2008) and Vettel (2010), and after a two-year break (2019 and 2020) the Spaniard returns to F1 with Renault with whom he won both championships.

After a failed 2007 season at McLaren, in which he and Hamilton lost to Raikkonen at Ferrari, Alonso returned to Renault before moving to Ferrari in 2010 and finishing second in the standings behind Vettel three times in five seasons.

Alonso spent the last four seasons in Formula 1 (2015-2018) at McLaren, where he struggled to score points, and achieved his last podium in 2014 in Hungary with Ferrari.

Renault finished fifth in the constructors’ standings in 2020, just like in 2019, but they cut the gap to leading Mercedes and achieved three podiums, announcing their return to the top of the standings in the coming years.

De la Rosa believes that Alonso’s return will be positive for Formula 1 and that after a two-year break, he is willing to drive the fastest cars in the world.

“He loves Formula 1,” De la Rosa said in a new documentary about Alonso.

2020 Abu Dhabi GP Alonso Renault R25 demo run pitlane 2000 px Photo Renault

“The last few years outside of this sport have made him appreciate F1, his return will be very positive for F1 in general, not just for him.”

“He can win the title again.”

“In Spain he created excitement around the sport, before Alonso showed up the situation was a bit sad because people were completely indifferent because there was no Spaniard winning.”

Alonso achieved his last F1 victory in his home race in Spain in 2013 with Ferrari, and on the eve of his return this season with Renault, which will be named Alpine in 2021, he drove the fastest time in the test of young drivers in Abu Dhabi.

Sainz will join Ferrari this year and become the first Spaniard after Alonso in 2014 to drive for the Maranello team.

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