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The Formula 1 cars cannot be wider than 2000 mm (without tyres) and the length, height and shape of the car is dictated by the other specific parameters. For example, the width of the car body between the front and rear wheel centre lines must not be more than 1600 mm.

The length of the car is not limited by the rules, but the maximum height is 950 mm.

With the exception of the rear wing (DRS), moving parts are prohibited. In addition, any systems or devices that use the driver’s movements to change the aerodynamic characteristics of the car (like McLaren’s F-duct in 2010.) are not permited.


The cars can be equipped with a movable rear wing that allows the driver to change angle of attack from cockpit (within prescribed limits) which reduces air resistance and encourages overtaking. The system is known as the DRS (Drag Reduction System).

In the free practice and qualifying drivers system can be used in the DRS zones. During race, it is only avalaible when a driver is less than one second behing another car at DRS detection point. The system is deactivated when the driver brakes or press the DRS button again to deactivate it. Also, in wet conditions the system is not allowed because the reduction in downforce in these conditions could be dangerous.

>> Sportski pravilnik: DRS

Too much bodywork flexing can gain teams an aerodynamic advantage so they must pass several FIA deflection tests.

For safety, steering wheels must be equipped with a quick release mechanism so that the driver could get out of the car within five seconds.

FIA F1 2017. technical regulations can be downloaded here.

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