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At the start of the season FIA inspects electrical and software systems of all cars and teams must notice FIA in the event of significant changes. All teams must use the same, FIA specified, standard electronic control unit (ECU) for controlling the power unit, gearbox, clutch, differential and all associated actuators introduced in 2008. and produced by McLaren Electronic Systems.

All software must be registered with the FIA, who checks all the programmable systems on the cars before each race to ensure the use of correct software version. Electronic systems that automatically respond to the signal for the start of the race are forbidden.

Telemtry from pit to car is forbidden – David Coulthard won in Monaco in 2002. thanks to this technology (when it was allowed).

All radio communication from pit to car must be open and accessible to the FIA and broadcasters.

In the case of collision, each car carries the data recorder and is equipped with a warning light which is connected with the FIA data logger. The light that is placed on the top surface of the car, in front of the cockpit, illuminates automatically, giving rescue teams gives an immediate indication of the accident severity.

Every car in the cockpit must have a track signal information display (usually on the steering wheel) that informes the driver of circuit conditions via red, blue and yellow lights (referring to the appropriate marshals flag).

FIA F1 2017. technical regulations can be downloaded here.

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