F1 engines with four cilinders from 2021., no more MGU-H?

FIA held a meeting in Paris on Friday to discuss about the engines after 2020 which should be cheaper and louder and the first details suggest a further reduction in the number of cylinders and the rejection of one of the electric motors, reports Motorsport-Total.

Formula 1 is in the fourth year of the current hybrid turbo formula – 1.6-litre V6 turbo engine with two motor generator units will remain until the end of 2020 and FIA since wants cheaper and loud engines from 2021.

The current generation of power units is impressively efficient and very close to the magic figure of 50% (at the beginning of 2014 was slightly above 40%) but extremely high cost of development and insufficiently powerful sound forced the FIA ​​to change their mind.

New power units should have a simplified energy recovery system which will no longer have MGU-H unit that converts heat from the exhausts into electricity that can be used to spin the turbocharger when driver is off throttle (to avoid turbo lag) or charge the battery for later use.

MGU-H must be purely mechanically connected to the turbine, and the MGU-K exclusively and permanently mechanically connected to the drive before the main clutch. New power units should keep MGU-K unit that converts thermal energy released on braking into electricity that can be used directly on drivetrain or stored in battery.

Volkswagen would likely be willing to enter into Formula 1 if the engines from 2021 had four cylinders, regardless of which of their brands would enter F1 (Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini).

The four-cylinder engine used in the Porsche WEC series and with which they won two consecutive race 24 hours of Le Mans has about 1000 HP with ERS systems.

FIA president Jean Todt says he supports the introduction of engines with four cylinders and revealed that the concept almost got green light for 2014.

“Ferrari rejected the proposal in the last minute, namely my friend and former Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo,” said Todt.

“We had to find a compromise and went for the hybrid turbo formula with six cylinders, turbo and ERS system.”

“Recently, I met Mark Webber and he told me how great Porsche engine with four cylinders is.”

“Therefore, the four-cylinder, turbocharged and ERS system the best choice in my opinion,” said Todt.

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