The teams have brought many new parts to Barcelona ​​and we open the upgrade festival with the new Ferrari T-wing that is now more complex like the one seen on McLaren.

The T-wing is a consequence of the loopholes in rules that allow the installation of 750 mm wide aerodynamic profiles in the area in front of the rear wing which are normally placed at a maximum permissible height of 950 mm.

The Ferrari uses T-wing since preseason testing, but in a very simple form whose ends are curved downwards.

As part of the aerodynamic changes for Barcelona, ​​which has very high downforce requirements, Ferrari has presented its own version of the more aggressive T-wing that is now double and whose upper and lower curved profiles are connected like T-wings on McLaren and Sauber.

Also, each of the elements is longitudinaly cut in two parts which enables more aggressive profile and angle of attack without flow separation.

The more aggressively profiled T-wing brings more downforce and higher air resistance, and also influences the shape of the airflow that travels to the rear wing.

Ferrari old T-wing Barcelona F1 2017
Recently used T-wing on Ferrari SF70H
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