Before the start of the weekend in Canada, Ferrari confirmed that the power unit of Charles Leclerc from Azerbaijan will no longer be able to be used after Leclerc retired from the leading position, for the second time in three races.

Leclerc was left without a turbo and MGU-H in Spain, where he also retired from the first position, so he drove in Monaco and Azerbaijan with a combination of old and new elements of his power unit.

But Ferrari has confirmed that elements of the Baku power unit will not be reusable, which probably means that Leclerc will take a completely new power unit in Canada, which would give it a ten-place penalty for using fourth turbocharger.

“The investigation has confirmed that Charles’ Baku power unit cannot be repaired,” Ferrari said in a statement ahead of the start of the weekend in Montreal.

“One possible cause of the malfunction is that it happened as a result of a problem from Spain.”

“We are now working on countermeasures to strengthen the package and the situation is under control,” Ferrari insists.

“Obviously we’re not in the best possible situation.”

Leclerc declined to confirm that Ferrari would give him a brand new powertrain, and the only way to avoid punishment is to use an old turbocharger.

“I think there are still discussions about that, there is no decision yet,” Leclerc said.

“But yes, this is not the best situation.”

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