Ferrari F1 team principal Mattia Binotto says they are disappointed and angry at the outcome of the Belgian GP at Ferrari and understands that their fans rightly feel the same, but urges that in situations like this they must remain firm to endure this difficult period.

Ferrari made a mistake with the aerodynamic concept SF1000, which suffers from poor aerodynamic efficiency as it creates too much drag for the downforce it produce while a track like Spa Francorchamps brutally exposed its shortcomings, which is why Vettel and Leclerc barely advanced to Q2 and finished the race without points.

Another big problem for Ferrari is the lack of engine power whose wings were trimmed late last year with the introduction of a new technical directive on fuel flow measurement, and although we never found out the details of the FIA ​​agreement with Ferrari, it is quite clear that Ferrari did something which isn’t allowed any more, losing a lot of power.

Ferrari customers Haas and Alfa Romeo also suffered from the lack of engine power, but Ferrari’s problem is far greater which was shown by their relative speed compared to these two teams and the fact that Raikkonen managed to beat their both drivers in Alfa Romeo.

“It was not an easy race,” said Vettel.

“We finished in the same place in which we started. We tried everything with both cars, but we were just too slow.”

“I hope the situation on this circuit doesn’t repeat itself. I think this track maybe exposed our weaknesses a bit more than others.”

“I believe we can do a bit better next week. We must work to make sure that we take everything we can from this weekend, learn all there is to learn and go forward.”

2020 Belgian GP Leclerc Eau Rouge Photo Ferrari

Leclerc had a good start on soft tyres, but soon fell down the order and returned in front of Vettel where he started. Due to the loss of pneumatic pressure, Leclerc had to pit for the second time, and Ferrari’s lack of pace was highlighted by the fact that at the end of the race it took him around ten laps to overtake Grosjean on 13 laps older and a step harder tyres.

“It has been a very difficult day. I had a very good start and managed to make up several positions thanks to a good tow up to turn 5, but after that things started to get worse,” said Leclerc.

“First of all, we lost time during both pit stops due to some issues. During the second stint, we knew that we couldn’t make any miracles happen so, seeing the position we were in, with a train of cars ahead and no possibility to overtake, we decided to try something different and go for a second stop.”

“It’s a shame that it didn’t work out, but ultimately, today we just didn’t have the pace we needed.”

“The next race will be a difficult one for us, but hopefully from Mugello, it could get better. We have to stay united, react and work hard to come back to where we were before.”

Binotto pointed out that everyone at Ferrari is angry and disappointed with the current results, but that they have to look ahead to endure this difficult period.

“On a track that requires aerodynamic efficiency and power, we were severely lacking in both,” admitted Binotto.

“Charles and Sebastian did their very best, both yesterday in qualifying and today in the race, but we couldn’t even get into the points.”

“We are disappointed and angry, as indeed are our fans and with good reason. It’s a difficult moment in a season that we knew from the start would be a tough one, but it’s at times like this that we need to stand firm and look ahead in order to get over this difficult period. It’s the only way we will get out of this situation.”


1 Mercedes 264 37 43 41 25 34 41 43
2 Red Bull/Honda 158 27 28 23 35 22 23
3 McLaren/Renault 68 26 13 2 10 2 9 6
4 Racing Point/Mercedes 66 8 -1 18 2 14 22 3
5 Ferrari 61 19 8 16 12 6
6 Renault 59 4 4 4 20 4 23
7 AlphaTauri/Honda 20 6 1 6 1 2 4
8 Alfa Romeo/Ferrari 2 2
9 Haas/Ferrari 1 1
10 Williams/Mercedes 0
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