New 2018 Ferrari F1 engine surpassed team’s expectations and has more power than in 2017, despite Ferrari has been targeting to retain the same power with greater durability due to only three engines per driver in 2018.

Drivers will have only three engines available this season, and due to the additional mileage that the engines will have to run compared to the previous year, manufacturers have been focusing on reliability.

Although Ferrari was aiming to maintain the same power as in 2017 with the necessary measures to increase engine life, Autosport reports that they have found 10 BHP with its 062 EVO 2018 F1 power unit.

The Ferrari engine department chief Corrado Iotti focused on a better V6 engine performance at lower and medium revs, which should improve drivieability and acceleration in slower corners.

Also, the motor generator unit MGU – H, the electric compressor, that keeps the turbo spinning at a certain speed when the driver is off throttle is improved, to avoid the turbo’s slow response when the driver presses the throttle again.

The FIA ​​has set the new engine rules ahead of the 2018 F1 season so now the engines can only use up to 0.6 liters of oil per 100 km to prevent oil being used for combustion for extra power in special engine modes.

In addition, the FIA ​​will control the air temperature at the engine plenum (to ensure that it’s not significantly cooler than the ambient temperature), and recycle fluids must be released through the opening at the back of the car and not being re-used in the combustion process, which are things which the engine manufacturers obviously did last season.

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