Ferrari F1 boss Mattia Binotto believes his team will have an advantage over McLaren in the next race in Mexico because they were faster in the last race in Austin even though the track configuration should not suit them.

Ferrari and McLaren continue their battle for third place in the championship and in the last two races in Turkey and USA Ferrari has been faster.

Ferrari took advantage of the superior speed they had on those two tracks and reduced the gap to McLaren to just 3.5 points, five races before the end of the season.

Due to the 25% thinner air at 2250 meters above sea level in Mexico, teams use maximum downforce settings, and thinner air also means that the air resistance is significantly lower so the differences in engine power are less pronounced.

Those circumstances should go in Ferrari’s favor, which still has a deficit in engine power, and their SF21 has higher aerodynamic drag than the McLaren MCL35M, which should be less pronounced in Mexico.

“In Mexico, we use maximum downforce and it’s a track where engine power is less important,” Binotto said.

“While we still have a gap behind Mercedes [in terms of engine power], I think Mexico is a track that will suit us better than Austin.”

“Generally speaking, this year McLaren was very competitive in medium and fast corners and that was again the case in Austin.”

“But if we look at the overall weekend performance we were ahead of them, which was very obvious in the qualifying [Ferrari sixth and seventh, McLaren seventh and eighth], and Charles was on average half a second faster than Ricciardo in the race and finished 25 seconds ahead of him. ”

“Looking at the whole lap, I think we were clearly faster even though on paper it wasn’t the track that was supposed to suit our car.”

“That’s why I’m thrilled with the progress we’ve seen in the last races, safely and with the help of the power unit, both in qualifying and in the race. It gives me confidence for the next races.”

Ferrari has introduced a new power unit specification in Russia and Turkey with a new generation of hybrid system that brings them about a tenth to two per lap with greater electrical efficiency.

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