Ferrari decided to test the controversial rear wheel design that Mercedes used from last year and which McLaren introduced this year on their new MCL34.

Mercedes used the controversial design from Belgian GP to control the temperature of the rear tyres and their thermal degradation, and later, due to the fear of protest, they filled the holes around the center of the new wheel.

Air was circulating through the holes during wheel rotation, which helped to cool the wheel, and the controversial question was whether the holes were a moving aerodynamic device or not because the FIA ​​banned the similiar solution from Red Bull on the front wheels in 2012.

McLaren introduced a similar rear wheel design, which was coated in a thermal foil for better thermal insulation, and now the controversial design has also been introduced by Ferrari.

2019 McLaren MCL34 rear wheel design Photo McLaren Edited by MAXF1net

2019 Ferrari SF90 rear wheel design ala Mercedes Photo Motorsport 2019 Ferrari SF90 rear wheel design ala Mercedes comparison old new Photo Motorsport Valtteri Bottas Mercedes F1 W10 F1 2019 Barcelona test Day 1 rear end Photo XPB 2019 F1 Ferrari SF90 engine cover rear wing side view Photo Ferrari Edited by MAXF1net

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