Ferrari hits reliability targets with their new 2018 F1 engine while mantaining 2017 power level

Ferrari achieved the desired reliability level with their new 2018 F1 engine, but managed to maintain power level from the end of last season.

Ferrari’s reliability problems at the end of last season cost them badly in their title fight with Mercedes, and due to only three allowed engines per driver in 2018, this winter Maranello team focused on reliability and quality control.

But Ferrari has worked intensively on new concepts that will bring them more power too, but they will not be ready for the start of the season, Autosport reports.

The 2018 F1 engine successfully passed reliability tests on the dynamometer while keeping last year’s power level and the new cylinder head should be ready during the season, in the first or second upgrade.

The engine will not have a steel alloy piston, which was discussed last year under the leadership of the former engine chief Lorenzo Sassi, while the idea was dropped in early summer because it did not show as good as it was expected. Sassi has moved to Mercedes while Corrado Iotti was named as new engine chief.

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