Ferrari F1 team boss Mattia Binotto revealed that before making an offer to Carlos Sainz they listened to all his radio messages he exchanged with McLaren to conclude what is his way of communication.

After six years, Ferrari decided to end its cooperation with Vettel and found his replacement in Sainz, who finished sixth in the drivers’ standings for two years in a row for McLaren.

The Italian team had a disappointing season that they finished only in sixth place, and throughout the year Leclerc and Vettel did not spend a single lap in the lead and together they achieved only three podiums.

Ferrari is preparing a completely new engine for 2021 that should correct the weaknesses of its predecessor, and it will spend development tokens on the rear end, including the redesign of the gearbox and exhaust pipes, which should bring them aerodynamic advantages.

For the official F1 page, Binotto recalled how they opted for Sainz instead of Vettel and how they studied him in detail before contacting him.

“Before we made him an offer, we listened to all his radio communication to see the way he communicates and you can see that the way he communicates says a lot about what his approach is. I think he is very precise,” Binotto said.

“He’s a dedicated worker, he’s methodical, he’s robust and I think those are all important components for us.”

“He’s consistent in the race, he’s fast, he defends and attacks, but he always brings the car to the finish line in a constant way so I think he’s a good driver to build a good season in the constructors’ standings.”

“Then we did an analysis of his speed. I believe he’s fast, we believed he was fast, I think he showed he was fast last season too if you compare him to Norris who back in 2019 already showed he is a very fast driver.”

“But if you look at Carlos in 2020 I think he was very strong. He’s improved in qualifying compared to before, but he’s still very strong in the race. So he’s definitely a hard worker.”

“With all that, he’s also young and has a lot of years of experience in F1 [since 2015] – he’s still young and he still has a lot of time to develop, he’s definitely not near the end of his career.”

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