Ferrari SF70H Canadian GP F1 2017 rear end new rear wing spoon Foto AMuS MAXF1net

The Ferrari has brought two different configurations of their rear wing, one of which is completely new and complemented by new holders and side panels for the fast Gilles Villeneuve circuit.

Gilles Villeneuve is a track with low downforce requirements so teams often bring special front and rear wings to adjust downforce levels.

Ferrari decided to bring the curved rear wing for Canada (yellow line), more precisely with the curved leading edge of the lower element, while the upper element has two V-cutoffs (marked with yellow arrows) to reduce turbulence at the wing edge, unlike the previous rear wing that has one V-slot in the middle.

The rear wing carriers are also highlighted in the light blue – Ferrari is still the only team that uses double rear wing carriers which are inclined to the back and hold the rear wing from the underside, unlike previous swan-neck supports attached on the upper surface of the main plane.

New rear wing also has new horizontal slits on the endplates (magenta) that now have three larger and two smaller horizontal slits, unlike the previous wing which has four horizontal slots of almost equal size.

Ferrari SF70H Canadian GP F1 2017 rear end high downforce rear wing Foto AMuS

The new T-wing is simpler and produces less downforce and drag that resembles to the T-wing used at the beginning of the season, but is now black instead of white.

This time, Ferrari did not experiment with their monkey seats as they still use two 20 cm wide wings. One is attached to the rear wing and has double profile, the other is further back and has three elements. Ferrari already used this configuration in Russia.

The rear wing carriers are still covered in gold foil in their lower part to protect them from high temperatures.

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