Ferrari SF71H – Different front wing configurations for Australia

For the first race of the new F1 season, Ferrari presented two different front wing configurations for its 2018 F1 car SF71H to have more options to adjust the car for the Albert Park street circuit.

The two front wings differ in the contours of the main, bottom element, and the ways in which the vortex tunnels are formed on the edges of the wings, as well as in the number of slots and the form of r-vanes.

The first wing, in the first image below, used by Ferrari on pre season tests in Barcelona, ​​has a straighter profile of the main element (green) forming a slight vortex tunnel at its edge and rising to the upper wing elements (flaps).

But the lowest element has a horizontal slit (yellow) close to the central, 50 cm wide neutral section, just like on McLaren late 2017 wing, as well as the next element (next to the V-Power sign).

Multiple slits on the wing allow for the optimum airflow to reattach in unstable conditions sacrificing some of the maximum downforce (because the wing surface is smaller) but the driver should have a more consistent feel for the front end in a variety of conditions such as different ride height affected by different speed, bumps and kerbs.

The r-vane(pink), located next to the multiple horizontal cascade, is curved on this wing and forms a mild tunnel (pay attention to the curved edge facing the outer edge of the front wing).

Ferrari F1 2018 SF71H front wing 1 Australian GP F1 2018 Photo AMuS MAXF1net

The other front wing (bottom image) has a different main element profile (green) which rises from the central neutral section and already forms the first tunnel on that part, and the other tunnel, under the multiple cascades, is also more pronounced.

The R-vane(pink) has no curved end as in the upper wing, but has a straight cut-out profile as well as a cascade.

Using two different front wing configurations, Ferrari wants to offer their drivers more options when looking for optimal balance of the car on the Albert Park track, but also to test the aerodynamic efficiency on this track configuration, which will give them more information for the future development direction.

Ferrari F1 2018 SF71H front wing 2 Australian GP F1 2018 900 px Photo AMuS MAXF1net

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