Ferrari brought a new version of its front wing with several important changes in geometry and development philosophy that affect the aerodynamics of the rest of the car as they also brought the modified rear wing that they used on the fast street circuit in Baku.

The free sessions, among other things, also serve temas to test different aerodynamic configurations with their two cars, and Vettel and Raikkonen will have the opportunity to compare the old and new front wing.

The new front wing (lower on the bottom picture) has a larger surface of the uppermost elements (purple) that have a straighter profile than the old one that suddenly dropped in the transition between the black and red sections.

In a nutshell, the black edge section serves to guide and create strong vortices used to move the air stream to the outside of the front wheels, thereby reducing air resistance while red section serves to create downforce and send Y-250 vortices along the edges of the central, 50 cm wide neutral section.

Ferrari SF71H front wings Russian GP F1 2018 Sochi Photo AMuS MAXF1net
New (down) i old (up) front wing on Ferrari SF71H in 2018 Russian GP

The new wing has a different profile of the bottom element (turquoise) that now has milder contours and creates a smaller tunnel on its edges and the flat part near the wing edge (yellow), which is actually the beginning of a radial tunnel extending to the outside of the front wheels, is now narrower than before.

Ferrari has also changed the tunnel on the outside of the front wing (green), which is now, in line with the Red Bull philosophy, raised at the beginning and slides down to the rear , and that part of the wings, along with the edge of the black paint, is directing the airflow to the outside of the front wheels.

With these changes, Ferrari sacrificed part of the width and surface of the wing that is working to direct the airflow around the front wheels and increased the part of the wing that creates downforce.

Ferrari brought the rear wing from Baku with vertical extensions on the endplates, which it first tested and used in Singapore, first seen on McLaren, which began this trend in 2017.

Ferrari SF71H rear wing Russian GP F1 2018 Sochi Photo AMuS MAXF1net

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