Ferrari continues with the intense development of their SF70H and in Baku they have attracted attention with unique aerodynamic additions at the back of the engine cover, which also help with cooling.

In addition to bringing the front and rear wings of the different downforce configurations in Baku, the teams also brought parts that are not specific to this track, but have simply come as part of the development circle.

The same is true of Ferrari’s aerodynamic additions at the end of the engine cover, which continue to shape the contour of the cover and help shape the airflow in this aerodynamicly critical area.

In addition, black horizontal elements also help to extract heat from the engine cover that can be narrowed without compromising the cooling of the car on narrow and slow corners in Baku. It is possible that the elements themselves create some downforce, but this was not the main objective.

The Ferrari in Baku continues to use the simpler version of the T-wing used in Canada after the double T-wing they used in Spain and Monaco, which are high downforce tracks.

Ferrari SF70H rear end engine cover flaps

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