Before the first sprint weekend of the season, FIA and Formula 1 have finally confirmed the new set of rules with two races and two qualifying sessions which will be used for all six sprint events this season.

The Sprint will become a stand-alone element, with a qualifying session called Sprint Shootout to determine the grid for the Sprint, which will carry the same points system as last season (8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1).

The results of the Sprint will therefore no longer determine the grid for the Grand Prix, with Qualifying for the Grand Prix taking place on Friday.

The proposals that have been agreed by all stakeholders result in the following format changes:

Friday – A single Free Practice session followed by Qualifying for the Grand Prix (standard Qualifying format).

Saturday – Qualifying for the Sprint (Sprint Shootout) followed by the Sprint.

Sunday – Grand Prix.

The Sprint Shootout will be a shortened version of traditional Qualifying:

SQ1 for all 20 drivers will be 12 minutes.

SQ2 for the remaining 15 drivers will be 10 minutes.

SQ3 for the remaining top ten drivers will be 8 minutes.


For the Sprint weekend in Baku the dry allocation will be 2x Hard, 4x Medium, 6x Soft.

Tyre returns will be limited to only after P1 and the Sprint.

There will be a limit of 1 set of mandatory specification unused dry tyres for each Sprint Shootout period. Hence: SQ1: 1x Medium, SQ2: 1x Medium, SQ3: 1x Soft.


A grid penalty incurred in P1 or Qualifying will apply to the Race.

A grid penalty incurred in the Shootout will apply to the Sprint.

A grid penalty incurred in the Sprint will apply to the Race.

A breach of parc fermé will result in a pitlane start for the Sprint and Race.

PU penalties will only apply to the Race (unless they are also a parc ferme breach).

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