The FIA ​​has launched tenders for standard wheel and brake systems for 2021 as part of cost reduction measures after they have already opened a tender for standardized internal transmission components, but this is just the beginning of the standardization that is expected in two years.

Formula 1 expects major changes in 2021, both on a technical and sporting side, and one of the goals is to introduce standard parts that should reduce costs but also leave enough room for individual development for each team.

Tenders for brakes and wheels will last from 2021 to 2024, but could be extended by 2025 depending on the outcome of commercial negotiations.

The braking system tenders is divided into two parts, first concerning brake pads and disks, and other hydraulic braking systems consisting of brake calipers, master cylinders and “brake by wire” components introduced in 2014 for the rear wheels.

Wheels will, as already agreed, be 18-inch instead of the current 13-inch, and there may be a slight increase in the width of the wheel.

Each team should get at least 60 sets of wheels per season.

The deadline for applications is 22 May this year, and the FIA ​​will make its decision on suppliers on June 14th.

Sporting and managing director of Formula 1 Ross Brawn says gearboxes, brakes and wheels are just part of the standardization they plan to carry out in 2021, and as one of the examples he also mentioned is standardized pitlane equipment.

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