The FIA ​​has rejected Red Bull’s request to reconsider the penalty Lewis Hamilton received for the incident with Max Verstappen because they believe the new evidence they provided is not significant or relevant enough and stewards have ‘expressed some concern’ over some allegations from Red Bull’s letter.

Red Bull has exercised its right to seek reconsideration of the Silverstone case, and for the FIA ​​to reconsider the case the new evidence must be sufficiently significant and relevant.

Representatives of Red Bull, Mercedes and the FIA ​​met at today’s hearing at the Hungaroring at 4 pm and Red Bull showed its presentation in which they presented GPS data from Hamilton and Verstappen cars and a comparison with Hamilton’s overtaking Leclerc.

Red Bull also showed a lap in which Alexander Albon, Red Bull’s test and reserve driver, simulated Hamilton’s first lap that the FIA ​​said it was filmed last week.

But the FIA ​​decided that the new evidence was neither significant nor relevant to the matter of the hearing and decided to reject Red Bull’s request to reconsider the case.

“What was presented to the stewards was neither significant nor a relevant new element that was not previously available at the time of the decision,” the judges said in a statement.

“The document shown by the Competitor [Red Bull] is based on the evidence available at the time of the decision (GPS data). This clearly does not meet the requirements of Article 14.”

The FIA has expressed some concern about some of the allegations in the request that Red Bull submitted, and although it is not clear what the allegations are about, the FIA says the allegations would have been interesting if the request had passed.

“Stewards note, with some concern, certain allegations in the letter. Such allegations may or may not be relevant to stewards if the request for reconsideration hasn’t been rejected. As the petition has not passed, the stewards will not comment on those allegations.”

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