FIA President Jean Todt has revealed in Australia that the FIA ​​will present the long-awaited rules for the 2021 F1 Championship at the Bahrain GP, which should represent a radical turnaround on the sporting and technical plan.

The new 2021 F1 cars should look more sleek than today, will have 18-inch wheels and be able to follow other cars better while the money distribution should be fairer to reduce the gap between big and small teams.

The deadline for the new rules is June this year and the rules package should be presented to the teams at the next race in Bahrain scheduled for March 29th – 31st.

“There is a lot of discussion, it takes time,” said Todt.

“We will have a meeting with the Strategy Group in about two weeks, I think it will be on March 26 in London, and we will meet with the F1 Commission on the same day.”

“We should be ready with a global package, which is one side of the story, and there is also a commercial side, a financial side, which is the responsibility of Formula 1.”

“We have costs control, which is a new initiative that has been well advanced so far.”

F1 2021 render Photo FIA

“We also have the rules for the engines that we sent to the teams a few days ago, as well as the rules for the chassis.”

“It’s all different chapters we’re working on, and we should be in a position to have the final package to discuss with the teams on March 26.”

The new 2021 F1 cars should have a much cleaner and simpler design than current cars to leave as little turbulence as possible behind them, and some of these changes were introduced in 2019.

In order for the car to maintain a high level of downforce, the team will have a much larger diffuser that will begin much earlier than the rear wheel centreline to increase the ground effect, which generates large amounts of downforce with much less turbulence and drag than wings.

Due to the larger amount of downforce generated from the floor, the cars will be able to have smaller wings and cleaner design with fewer bargeboars, vanes and fins that currently allow teams to control and shape the airflow, which should allow drivers to follow each other easier in close fight.

The 2021 F1 engine should remain very similar and the tyres should stay the same height as before (670 mm) but instead of 13-inch, 18-inch wheels will be introduced that are more relevant for the road.

The halo head protection system will, unlike today, be integrated in the design of the car from the start, which should improve safety and aesthetics.

F1 2021 render rear Photo FIA FOM

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