The FIA reached a settlement with Ferrari after a thorough analysis of their power unit, but they did not want to elaborate exactly what their conclusion was or what are the details of their ‘settlement’.

Ferrari took center stage in the latter part of 2019 because of the suspiciously high power of their power unit in qualifying mode, and Red Bull, by direct inquiry to the FIA, indicated that they suspected that Ferrari had found a way to fool fuel flow sensors.

The FIA subsequently issued several technical directives, but Ferrari was not found guilty, so their powertrain was designated legal.

But today the FIA issued a statement saying they have completed an analysis of Ferrari’s power unit and reached a private ‘settlement ‘ with the Italian team.

“The FIA announces that, after thorough technical investigations, it has concluded its analysis of the operation of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 Power Unit and reached a settlement with the team,” says FIA.

“The specifics of the agreement will remain between the parties.”

“The FIA and Scuderia Ferrari have agreed to a number of technical commitments that will improve the monitoring of all Formula 1 Power Units for forthcoming championship seasons as well as assist the FIA in other regulatory duties in Formula 1 and in its research activities on carbon emissions and sustainable fuels.”

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