After announcing that in 2018 we will no longer have traditional girls at the start of the race, the Formula 1 leaders have confirmed that they’ll follow Formula E and some other sports and bring the kids to the starting grid.

The F1 bosses, in cooperation with the FIA, announced on Monday a new ‘Grid Kids’ initiative, and the kids who will keep umbrellas on the start-up grid will be selected by local motorsport clubs or be randomly selected among the interested children.

“It will be an extraordinary experience for those children, imagine them standing next to their heroes, watching them prepare for the race, elite motorsport, in the last minutes before the start,” said F1 commercial chief Sean Bratches.

“It’s an unforgettable experience for them and their families, but also the inspiration to continue to drive, train and learn so they can dream that they will be there one day ”

“There is no better way to inspire the next generation of F1 heroes.”

FIA President Jean Todt also blessed this change.

“Formula 1 is the highlight of the motorsport and dream for any young driver competing in junior series, from karting to F1,” Todt said.

“We are delighted to have this dream come close to them by giving them the opportunity to stand next to our sports champion before the start of the race.”

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