Haas joins Ferrari with double rear wing pillars

The Haas team has become only the second team this season to use double rear wing support, which brings their VF-17 even closer to Ferrari.

Single rear wing support pillars dominate Formula 1 in 2017 due to less turbulence on the rear wing surface, and before Azerbaijan only Ferrari used double support that they believe to bring certain benefits for their lighter construction and thus lowering the center of gravity because the carriers are quite high (significantly higher than the car’s center of gravity).

The construction of single pillar is more challenging because the carrier have to be significantly reinforced to withstand the enormous aerodynamic loads that the rear wing produce, but provides aerodynamic advantages because one carrier disturbs the airflow less.

With double carriers, there is a greater chance of separating airflow at the place where the carriers are connecteded to the wing surface (whether it is on the upper or lower side).

In addition to the rear wings carrier, Haas approached Ferrari’s design of 20-cm wide wings (monkey seats) above and behind the central exhaust pipe, the area where Ferrari is very active this year and where they try to use hot exhaust gases to increase the downforce produced by these wings.

Haas VF17 Canadian GP F1 2017 Photo Haas MAXF1net
Single rear wing support on Haas VF-17 in Canadian GP (Photo: Haas/MAXF1.net)
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