Haas VF-17 – different front wing configurations

Haas brought the two versions of their front wing in China which differ in the profile of the lower element in order to compare their performance on the fast Shanghai International Circuit.

The front wing is one of the most important elements in F1 aerodynamics as it affects the functioning of all the elements behind it and even the slightest changes can affect the aerodynamic efficiency, brake and engine cooling.

The lowermost element rises towards its edges and forms a channel which is adjacent to the upper elements and thereby forming a growing radius tunnel that generates strong vortices which help direct the air  around rotating front wheels.

Biggest difference between the two Haas front wings is in the degree of curvature of the lower element – lower wing rises earlier and therefore forms a tunnel with smoother curvature while vertical fences bellow the wing are positioned differently.

The difference is also in the angle of the small flaps on the outside part of the endplate – lower wing has a bigger flap angle to change the way that it directs airflow over the front wheels.

It will be interesting to see which version of the front wing work better on the fast track like Shanghai which has 1.2 km long backstraight with numerous high speed corners.

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