Max Verstappen will use the engine from the last race at Silverstone in the first free practice in Hungary, despite the fierce collision he had after contact with Lewis Hamilton, confirmed Honda.

The major consequences of the collision have called into question the use of power unit elements on the Verstappen’s car for the rest of the season, and ahead of the weekend in Hungary Honda confirmed it will use Verstappen’s Silverstone engine for the first free practice on Friday to see if everything works properly.

“The power unit has been sent to Sakura for detailed checks,” Honda said in a statement.

“We replaced certain parts that we could replace according to the rules, without breaking the FIA’s seals.”

“We will use the engine this Friday to test it on the track after which we will have a clearer picture about the possibility of using it in the race.”

Verstappen is currently using his second internal combustion engine, MGU-H i MGU-K, first energy store and control electronic and third exhaust system.

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ICE – internal combustion engine, TC – turbo charger, MGU-H – motor generator unit heat, MGU-K – motor generator unit kinetic, ES – energy store, CE – control electronics, EX – exhaust system.

In 2021 F1 season, drivers can use 3 ICE, 3 TC, 3 MGU-H, 3 MGU-K, 2 ES, 2 CE and 8 EX.

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